Correllian Nativist Tradition

Correllianism does put an unusually strong emphasis on the philosophical aspects of Wicca, and on the spirituality and inner mysteries of the Wiccan religion, but liturgically our beliefs do not especially differ from those of other Wiccan Traditions. Rather it is our attitudes toward the Pagan community and its future that tend to set us apart.

Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies

Shamanic teachings, tools, and ceremonial opportunities for individuals seeking healing, fulfillment, and connection with themselves, others, nature and spirit.

Loyal Arthurian Warband

Originally known as The Arthurian Warband, the order was set up in June nineteen eighty six by Arthur Uther Pendragon (known as King Arthur) as a Warrior Order to Fight for Truth, Honour and Justice, and First ‘picketed’ Stonehenge in 1990 on behalf of ‘The Free Peoples’ and The (then) Grand Council of British Druid Orders.
The name was changed to The Loyal Arthurian Warband when it became a member Order of The Council of British Druid Orders after Beltane of 1990 when it’s founder King Arthur Pendragon was ‘recognised’ by the Druids.
Since 1990, it has in one form or another been involved in many Libertarian, Environmental and Spiritual Campaigns, electing non-violent direct action as a response to what it believes is mistaken government policy. Challenging ‘the poll tax’, the (so called) Exclusion Zone, around Stonehenge, many road building and quarrying schemes, Pagan and Libertarian rights, and other causes that are viewed to fall within it’s remit of Truth, Honour and Justice.

New Wiccan Church

The New Wiccan Church, International is a professional organization of Wiccan clergy. Membership is open to initiates of all branches of British Traditional Wicca. NWC provides services and information to members and other Wiccan initiates and serves as a voice for the Traditional Wiccan community.
Established as a church in 1973, the NWC has a unique perspective and understanding of the BTW initiatory system. The NWC understands the hard work and dedication to The Craft your degrees represent.

Our Lady of Celestial Fire

Our Lady of Celestial Fire is devoted to promoting witchcraft in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. It works in multiple traditions and its primary tradition is Hellenic Alexandrian Wicca. This tradition has roots in the Hellenic religion of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and in western esotericism. The lodge also holds rituals in the Ganymede-Chthonian stream of Alexandrian Wicca, which emphasizes the balance between the genders within the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition. All traditions in Our Lady of Celestial Fire are LGBT-friendly.

Pagan Federation International (Canada)

The Pagan Federation has been in continous existence since 1971 and has published its journal Pagan Dawn, and its previous incarnation as The Wiccan, since 1969. Over this time it has grown to have a readership of more than 5.000 quarterly. These facts make the Pagan Federation one of the largest and oldest organisations of its type in Europe.

It was set up originally as primarily a campaigning organisation: one that would actively fight the ignorance and negative attitudes towards Paganism which were at large in the country (UK) then and which obviously still exist in various forms today.

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca

Since its founding in 1979 by the late Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, the ATC has been a welcoming environment for Wiccans and pagans of all traditions. Pete’s activism was instrumental in the acceptance of Wicca by federal and state governments and taxing authorities as a legitimate religion, and the right to have the pentacle on veteran’s headstones. He also founded the only Wiccan seminary sanctioned by the state to confer academic degrees in Wiccan Ministry. The ATC is committed to continuing the great work Pete started to improve the quality of spiritual lives for all people regardless of tradition.

Wiccan Church of Canada

This church follows the Odyssean Wicca tradition, which was founded by Richard and Tamarra James. The Wiccan Church of Canada is Canada’s oldest and largest public Wiccan organization, and has been offering public circles and classes for almost 40 years now. Traditionally, Wicca is usually practical in small close-knit groups called covens, but increasingly, as it has become more popular, a need has developed for public spaces in which Wiccans can gather together to worship with a community.